G_Shay_photo2015Petraea Plus is a family-owned company born out of a passion for the wines, spirits, beers, and ciders of cool climate North America and for the people who make them. After years in the barrel and packaging industry working for a west-coast centric company, we started Petraea Plus with a focus on innovative barrels and oak products geared toward cooler-climate wine styles and the exciting craft beers, spirits, and ciders of eastern North America. As many of our products as possible are grown, made, milled, and/or coopered in the Midwest and eastern United States, supporting suppliers in the same regions as our customers.

Gina Shay is a Certified Specialist of Wine through the Society of Wine Educators and a Certified Sommelier through The Court of Master Sommeliers. She serves on the board of the Michigan Wine Collaborative, a non-profit organization working to enhance the sustainability and profitability of the Michigan wine industry by promoting successful collaboration of wineries, growers, research centers and other businesses and individuals connected to the industry–today and for future generations. She works out of Metro Detroit and the Finger Lakes region of New York, traveling extensively to cover the rest of eastern North America and is one of the biggest supporters of the eastern craft beverage industry around.


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