2018 Spring Newsletter: What’s new?

Cool climate wine and craft beer, cider and spirits are exciting as ever, and we’ve added some new products and programs to meet your unique needs. Check them out below!
And while cool climate consulting is our specialty, our Titan hybrid stainless steel-oak barrels and WineStix® can be configured to work well with warmer climate varietals and blends, too!
Finally, as a boutique cool climate oak company, we appreciate every customer and thrive on referrals, so please feel free to share this newsletter with industry friends!
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Gina Shay
Owner, Petraea Plus

Tonnellerie Cadus Introduces New Blond Toast 

In response to cool climate customer demand, Tonnellerie Cadus has developed a new toasting profile for our Origine Grain Selection series: Medium Minus toast. It’s a blond toast that offers structure with virtually no aromatic impact, which is right in line with Cadus’ signature style. We love it with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Marquette, and other reds that benefit when the fruit shines without much in the way of oak flavors or aromas. This, combined with our 30-month minimum open-air seasoning, ensures that your customers will taste your fruit, not your barrel program.
And for those who are fans of more impactful vanilla, spice, caramel, nuttiness, etc., don’t worry–we have options for you, too. Contact us for pricing and options.

Tonnellerie Cadus Available Stock Barrels 

We currently have the following stock barrels available in our east coast warehouse to assist with fermentation needs for anyone picking early. Contact us for pricing and delivery options.

Barrel Type Avail. qty.
BDX 225L / Equilibre 7
BDX 225L / Intense 2
BDX 225L / Tight Grain / M 7
BDX 225L / Tight Grain / M+ 7
BDX 225L / Volume 6
BG 228L / Equilibre 10
BG 228L / Tight Grain / M 11
BG 228L / Tight Grain / M+ 11
BG 228L / Volume 13
Grand Total 74
Cadus Custom Barrel Order Deadline
June 4, 2018 is the custom order deadline for 265L/puncheons, thin stave barrels, or export barrels with your specified toasts or logos. The containers are expected to arrive in port August 1. Cheers!

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Michigan Wine Collaborative Discounts

MWC members qualify for special discounts on select products! Ask us about our current MWC perks.

Titan Barrel Early Order Discount Extended Through April 20! 


Early order discount special of USD$900 per 59-gallon French oak barrel until April 20, 2018. List price is $995. Our new 20,000-sq. ft. Titan Barrel facility is up and running in upstate New York and we are anticipating full capacity in the next couple of months after bud break, so order now to ensure delivery before harvest.
Titan Barrel is a hybrid stainless steel body with wooden heads and stave inserts in American or French oak or acacia for wine, in toasts Lt/M/M+/H, and sizes from 750 ml to 225L), giving you the micro-oxygenation of traditional oak aging with ultimate in flexibility and cost savings. Controllable oak for cool climate, but perfect for ALL climates. 
Change the heads and staves with the frequency of your traditional barrels or as the vintage changes for a third of the price of a traditional barrel.Mix and match oak or other woods for a truly customizable aging program.
For spirits, sizes range from 750 ml to 53 gallons in the following woods:
  • American or French oak
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Ash
  • Beech
  • Japanese Mizunara oak
  • Char 1-5
  • Mix and match any of the above
Titan Order Deadline for Delivery Before Harvest 
Order before June 1, 2018 to guarantee delivery by September 1. We accept orders year-round with a 12-week lead time. Contact us to order!

Wine Stix® Alcohol-Infused Staves

Last year we added WineStix® Bourbon-Infused Tank and Barrel Staves for beer, cider, and bold red wines (for our clients to capitalize on the trendy popularity of bourbon barrel-aged reds). 
Now we’re offering custom alcohol infusion with your choice of spirits. Simply specify the alcohol (bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, cognac, etc.) and we’ll infuse them. The possibilities are unlimited. Minimum order size required.
Don’t forget about our Burgundy Medium+ Long Toast to our WineStix® offering, which brings you a deeper, more complex flavor from our two-step gradient toasting process. Available in French or American oak Tank Staves, Tank Segments, and Barrel Tethers. It’s as close as you can get to a barrel…without the barrel.
Looking for a low-tannin way to impart intense baking spice aromas/flavors into your beer or cider? Try applewood in Medium toast. Available in Tank Staves, Tank Segments, and Barrel Tethers with contact time as little as a few weeks.

Black Water Barrels: Spirits Maturation & Finishing 

BWB logo overlay rickhouse stackDid you know that we work with Black Water Barrels in Bamberg, South Carolina?
Our 53- and 30-gallon whiskey barrels are $230 each plus ground shipping, but volume discounts are available. Drop us a line to find out lead times and volume pricing.

Liftco Racks for Tasting Rooms, Event Rooms, and Production Spaces 

Think outside the rack!
Have you ever wished that you spent less time forklifting barrels around the cellar, or that your space was more aesthetically pleasing for events? Here’s your answer: Our steel e-coated racks slide out (extending to up to 54″ from the wall) and spin barrels up to 228L for easy filling, cleaning, racking, and topping.
Safer than traditional racks, Liftco racks can be bolted into the floor and nest into each other for stable stacks up t

o 5 high. A huge part of the cost of barrels is how time intensive they are; why not cut down on some of that expense while gaining a profitable and beautiful backdrop for winemaker dinners and events? Contact us for a CAD evaluation of your space and a quote.


Petraea Plus Spring 2017 Newsletter: What’s new?


We hope Spring 2017 finds you, your family, and your team happy and healthy! We’ve added some new and exciting things to help your oak aging program meet at the intersection of your consumers’ palates and their purchasing habits, and we’ve included a more diverse array of flavors to suit your custom demands.

As always, as a boutique oak solutions company, we appreciate every customer and thrive on referrals! Please share this newsletter with friends in the craft beverage community seeking a customized oak program.


Accelerated aging programs

How do you get your beverages out of the cellar and into your customers’ hands faster? If you don’t have 12-24 months to age your wine, cider, beer, or spirits but are still looking for oak character, we can help!


Multiple strategies available for any beverage you want to bottle or serve within 2 weeks to 6 months. We’ve got you covered! Contact us for options.


Is it an oak barrel? Is it a steel drum? Yes! (It’s both!)

What’s easy to care for, offers oak versatility with every vintage and true angels’ share evaporation while saving you exponentially on your barrel overhead costs?

Titan Barrel full
Meet the new Titan Barrel: a hybrid stainless steel body with wooden heads and stave inserts (your choice of French, European, American, Acacia, or any combination). Change the heads and staves every year depending on the crop or as your beverages change, or let them go neutral and replace them as you want to add more new oak impact into your program.


New WineStix® toasts/wood types

We’ve added Burgundy Medium+ Long Toast to our WineStix® offering, which brings you a deeper, more complex flavor from our two-step patented toasting process. Available in French, American, or Applewood Tank Staves, Tank Segments, and Barrel Tethers. It’s as close as you can get to a barrel…without the barrel.

New CharStix™ Whiskey-Infused products for tanks or barrels. You asked and we listened!

BeerStix dark tether small
Applewood, anyone? Offering low-tannin, intense baking spice in Medium Toast and baking spice plus added caramelized sweetness in Medium+ and Medium+ Long Toast, applewood is a unique complement to cider, beer, and aromatic white wines. Available in WineStix® Tank Staves, Tank Segments, and Barrel Tethers.



Tonnellerie Cadus PUR® toasting

CADUS_PUR_toasting_sm Tonnellerie Cadus has developed a new, 100% natural protocol for barrel toasting which is noticeable after just a few months of barrel aging.

The Pur® Protocol for our Sensoriel series barrels contributes by:
• Breaking down the undesirable agents naturally present in the organoleptic expressions of oak
• Controlling the aromas and macromolecules produced during the toasting process
• Only retaining the most stable molecules
• Breaking down the most expressive molecules to ensure the finesse and quality of the “new barrel” impact
• Systematically reducing the density of extractable components, which leads to the reduction in expression of undesirable aromas

Taste for yourself how well these barrels work with cool climate wines (and they’re also amazing with cider…think apple pie brioche). Cheers!


To find out more about any of the above, please contact Petraea Plus at www.petraeaplus.com or +1 585-705-7500.

Bourbon Barrel Blah-Blah-Blah

So, you want to offer a bourbon barrel-aged beer at your brewery because it’s different from the rest of your portfolio; plus, anything with the word bourbon on it is sexy, and this trend is NOW! If you’re lucky, your beer will turn out tasting like a great brew with a sweet kiss of complementary caramel-vanilla bourbon and your story and signature beer style will come shining through. Orrrrrr…it will taste like a tall, cold glass of 80-proof bourbon with a wee drop of beer. Those whiskey-saturated barrels from the big bourbon players take a few fills before they settle down and stop completely overwhelming the beer.

“But,” you say, “used bourbon barrels are cheap and plentiful, and who doesn’t want their brand to be associated with smokin’ hot names like Bulleit and Whistlepig, or classics like Woodford Reserve and Four Roses?” I’m all for upcycling, but when everyone is shooting for uniqueness in exactly the same way, they end up being, well, the same.

The only rule in craft brewing is that there are very few rules and small batches are easy, so why not tell a fresh story from everyone else? To celebrate the opening of the Festival of Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beers (#FoBAB) in Chicago last week, I attended a tasting at Revolution Brewing Company hosted by my Tonnellerie Cadus colleague from the west coast, a winemaker himself who has been working with breweries and cideries for the last few years on finding out how new French oak barrels impact various beer styles. The results were cool and unusual…and different!! While there were two brews from bourbon barrels for comparison, they were well made but tasted similar to the hundreds of bourbon-barrel aged beers and barleywines offered at the festival the next day.

img_6239Russian Imperial Stout, Crux Fermentation (Bend, Oregon). 11.5% ABV.

Aged 6 months in Cadus Origine series Mid-Tight Grain barrel (Medium+ toast). Bacon fat, nuts, some DMS. Sweet on the palate, Kahlua-like, bitter-chocolate hop finish, round, viscous, weighty.





Peach Saison, Temperance Brewing Company (Chicago, Illinois). 8.2% ABV.

Aged for 6 months in a Tonnellerie Cadus Sensoriel series Volume barrel (standard Medium+ toast). Cobbler in a glass. Fresh peaches, vanilla, Gerber baby food apricots. Toast and yeasty, fresh baked bread. Simple, fresh, fruity, and light, with a clean, bitter-hoppy finish.




Cadus Hard Apple Cider, Tin City Cider (Paso Robles, CA)

The unoaked control cider was über-clean, zippy with a lot of tart green apple, and very dry and refreshing (reminiscent of one of my favorite dry-hopped ciders from Citizen Cider in Vermont). Extremely gulpable.

The eponymous Cadus oaked version was fermented and then aged 4 months in Tonnellerie Cadus Sensoriel series Access (custom Medium+ toast) and Volume (standard Medium+ toast). Sweet-presenting classic French oak, round and broad in the mid-palate, subtle spice. Apple pie: Brioche pastry, cream.


”Real Wild Child” Eugene Porter, Revolution Brewing Company (Chicago, Illinois). 6.8% ABV.

Aged in Tonnellerie Cadus Sensoriel series Volume (standard Medium+ toast) and Intense (standard Medium++ toast). Sticky toffee pudding-molasses meets sour orange peel. One barrel in this batch went rogue and soured; the spontaneous second fermentation in that one led to the sour orange peel notes.




StraiGht Jacket Barleywine, Revolution Brewing Company (Chicago, Illinois). 13% ABV.

Traditionally aged in used bourbon barrels. Stewed fruits, roasted nuts, molasses, Hershey’s chocolate syrup. Maderized. Heavy. Sweet, sweet. Sweet.



“Mean Gene” Eugene Porter, Revolution Brewing Company (Chicago, Illinois). 8.5% ABV.

Aged for 36 weeks in used Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. Lighter, coffee notes. Lighter weight than the rest. Slightly tart. Malty. Part of Revolution’s Deep Wood Series, which also includes Deth’s Tar, Ryeway To Heaven, Blue Gene, and Bean Gene.

Thank you to Revolution Brewing Company for hosting the tasting and Revolution Brewing Company, Temperance Brewing Company, Crux Fermentation, Tin City Cider for taking the time to age their beverages in something besides bourbon barrels and sharing the results. If you want to find out more about ways to age beer besides using bourbon barrels, click here to contact us. Cheers!